Information about FitGlobe


FitGlobe - Personal Training. Anywhere. 24/7.

The information on this page pertains to Personal Trainers and Dietitians only. Clients click here.

FitGlobe advantages for you as  a trainer:
You will get an account, profile page and up to 10 listings for your training and locations.
We do the marketing and advertising for you and your listings (Social Media, search engines).

Sales locally and internationally: 
With our online presence clients from nearby, or from different regions, are able to contact you directly and book you right away. You decide how you want to get paid, offline or online. With a link to your online calendar you can show your availabilites to your prospective clients so they know when you'd have time to train with them.

Retention made easy: 
Your clients can follow you on FitGlobe and will always know first the latest news about you. Always stay in touch and convert more re-sales.

You create your pricing: 
The only thing we demand is a single PT session has to be at least of a 50€ value. Other than that you decide on your own how much you charge per single session, pack or monthly option.

No commission for us! 
Yes, you read correctly. 100% of what you sell stays with you, because we have never liked it ourselves as trainers to give a piece of the pie to someone else. That's why we decided against a commission, but for a monthly membership with a fair pricing of 15€. 

If we would introduce the commission model of around 15% like others are doing, you would pay so much more!

Referral program: 
If you bring a trainer or dietician to FitGlobe you will get one month of free FitGlobe membership. Your referral just needs to stay on as a FitGlobe member longer than the initial 30 day trial period.

Photo shootings:
As a FitGlobe pro you will get the opportunity to have professional pictures taken of you for your profile and/or listings for free. The dates for the shootings will be announced in our newsletter.

and much more to come!

The FitGlobe trainer membership is 15€/ per month - you can cancel monthly.

Have fun with your Personal Training Sessions and thank you very much for your trust in us!