Holistic personal training


Hi my name is Nerijus and my mission is to spread holistic health and help people be their strongest version.

I grew up in Lithuania, lived the majority of my adult life in NYC, and after a couple of years of travel and study, I recently moved to Berlin, Germany. I have a martial arts background, a degree in Kinesiology, multiple certifications, addiction to learning and over 20 years of experience teaching.

I am continuously studying movement modalities and use them as inspiration for my style of training. Currently, I integrate mobility, strength and skill building using principals from martial arts, dance, acrobatics, natural movement, gymnastics, parkour, yoga, calisthenics and traditional strength training disciplines.
Also, I teach holistic lifestyle and nutrition practices.

I have worked with a wide range of people from experienced movers like dancers, acrobats, martial artists yogis to professionals and executives as well as older population, pre and post natal women and most common injuries. I strongly believe that a healthy lifestyle should be for everybody which is why I want to work with motivated and consistent students from various goals, backgrounds and abilities.

I believe a balanced movement practice is a foundation for a vibrant body, mind and spirit. It can be rejuvenating, grounding, balancing and a source of joy.  I would like to share this joy and health with as many people as I can.

Outdoors or indoors. At a studio or at your home. Private, semi-private or groups.
I teach in person and can also offer online support.

Come as you are. I care little about your skills, age or athletic background, but that you are motivated to improve and be consistent. I look forward to meeting you and growing together!

PLZ & Stadt: 10247
Sprachen: English / Lithuanian

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